Hot Dire Wolf Nights

Purely Paranormal Pleasures
Dire Wolf Mates

Hot Dire Wolf Nights, where summer fun meets eternal love…

Phoenix Tala is taking a break from Blue Valley where his Pack and MC have recently settled down to make a home. His inner Dire Wolf is too hyped up for regular life, or so he thinks.

Tracey Donner is spending her summer away from the ritz and glitz of her upper-crust parents who disapprove of her so-called slumming it down in the Jersey shore. She is tired of that life and wants something real.

But until then a girl could have a little fun, couldn’t she? Of course, she never expected to run into that fun. Literally. A spontaneous moonlight skinny dip outside her rental turns into something else when she swims into a midnight bather with the same idea.

She is willing to dive into a vacation fling with the bad boy biker, but Phoenix has forever on his mind.

Can he convince the luscious normal their love is forever?