Destined Mates

A Purely Paranormal Pleasures Anthology

Hello Readers!

Thank you for purchasing this Purely Paranormal Pleasures anthology! Inside you will find Marked By The Devil, Mated to the Dragon King, Claimed by the Demon, and my holiday short Christmas with a Devil, a Dragon King, & a Demon!

These books tell the stories of how 3 BFFs find their destined mates! I truly hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them! And yes, you will see glimpses of them in my Purely Paranormal Pleasures tales to follow! 

Purely Paranormal Pleasures will transport you into the realm of sensuous, spellbinding Alphas and their captivating mates. There are no rules….only pure pleasure.

These tales are delivered up by 3 master MAVENS of paranormal P. Mattern, C.D. Gorri, and Amanda Kimberley.

Happy reading!


C.D. Gorri

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