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Paranormal Romance Authors Discuss Their All-Time Favorite Halloween Movies

Welcome to the brainchild of the totally awesome author Carrie Pulkinen! THANK YOU Carrie for including me <3 YOU ROCK! And here we go... It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, I'm not talking about Christmas, silly. It's Halloween time! When the things that go bump in the night bump a little bit harder. When ghosts, ghouls, vampires, and werewolves come out to play. When the scent of pumpkin spice fills the air and the great debate over whether candy corn can actually be considered candy (or edible) persists. And, of course, the best part about Halloween time is... THE MOVIES! From sweet to funny to gory to spine-chilling, there's a Halloween movie for every taste imaginable. So, gra

Pinch Of Sass IS HERE!!! Hey everyone! My Dire Wolf Mates book 3 is live... please forgive the error with the title, my publisher is working with Amazon to fix this. ;-) Time for you to read about Brock and Ariella ;-) Enjoy! xoxo, C.D. Gorri


Love Dragons? Coming November 10th for a limited time only... KISSED BY FIRE: A DRAGON SHIFTER ANTHOLOGY 12 fiery tales of Dragons available together for the first time. You don’t want to miss this! My book, Mated To The Dragon King, is inside this set! Pl us 11 more from bestselling authors! #PREORDER#DRAGONS#DragonShifter#DragonMates#PNR#BoxedSet#Anthology#KissedByFire


Hey everyone! I know you have been waiting... Hers To Bear, my new Barvale Holiday Tale, is coming to A Cursed All Hallow's Eve! #PREORDER it today for just $0.99! And don't forget Polar Outbreak is on sale until 9/26/20 on Amazon UK & US!

You asked for it...

In response to my question of whether or not anyone would like a teeny little unedited snippet of Pinch of Sass coming late this month to MT Worlds Press...her ya go! “OH MY GAWD,” Ariella Golden moaned loudly and slammed her hands on the uncovered wood table of her new favorite haunt in Blue Creek. The salmon sashimi appetizer with slices of fresh avocado, wasabi ginger sauce, and little fried wontons to scoop up the pieces, was possibly the best she’d ever had. If it wasn’t already famous for the generous drink menu, featuring locally brewed IPAs and artisan liquors, the kickass live music, and the over-the-top gorgeous owners, Serious Moonlight would be a hit for the food alone. The estab


Hey everyone! I am celebrating my birthday today with a GIVEAWAY! Just click here and follow directions to enter!


Kids are going Back 2 School! For some that means having the house to themselves, and quiet! While others will be trying to not kill their own kids as they go another round at homeschool. Just follow a few amazing authors to qualify to win some great prizes that you don't have to share with the kids!!! Back 2 School Gift Basket with: ** Hardback copy of Kim Harrison's American Demon ** 'Quarantined' Face Mask ** $50 Amazon GC ** Swag

ROMANCE book fair & giveaway ROMANCE book fair & giveaway Discover a new author, discover your next favorite read. ​

Birthday Post

Hey all! So I have a September birthday coming up and to celebrate I am having a giveaway! ENTER HERE ;-) Anyone else sharing a bday this month? Let me know in comments below!


Can't believe how the time has flown and I miss summer already... but as always, I am wishing you and yours an awesome time this weekend <3


Hey everyone! I am so pleased to announce that my book Mated to the dragon King will be featured in the upcoming boxed set, Kissed by Fire! And guess what?.... I designed the cover! Do you like it? Let me know by sharing this post! Preorder here: Amazon - Apple - Kobo: B&N:

Making connections...

Good morning and happy Friday! I was asked a super cool question from a reader about my books and I just wanted to talk about it for a second. Yes, my books are all interconnected (even the ones set in other authors' worlds) as they all fall under my own Grazi Kelly Universe. ;-) Does that mean you have to read every single one in order to understand? Nope. Not at all. Do I think you should? Well. Duh! LOL Yes, I want you to read everything, but each series is pretty much set up to stand on its own. I do leave clues to other series and characters do make guest appearances. My job as a writer is to entertain and tell a story and I just love it when those stories connect folks you would never


★★ NEW RELEASE & SALE★★ A brand new title from C.D. Gorri just went live & we have a Sale too! Purchase: Conall's Mate: A Macconwood Pack Novel New Release - *Read it on KU! Get books 1-5 in my Macconwood Pack Novel Series for just $0.99 TODAY ONLY! Sale Link- Conall's Mate Tagline: "She was just another assignment, but what happens to this cocky Werewolf when she turns out to be so much more?" Blurb: Conall Truman loved being a single. The danger and excitement of being one of the Alpha's Wolf Guard was right up his alley. So far, life has been good to the blonde Werewolf. But he's going to have to rethink his ideas about mated Werewolves bei

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