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Goodbye March!

Usually out like a lamb, this March has kind of left me wanting...with the pandemic running amok and causing massive upheavals in all our lives, we have also had nothing but rain for a full week and I am ready for some sunshine. I know we are fairing extremely well through all of this, and I am grateful, truly, but how do you keep a family together when the only outlets you have are with each other? Okay, so here is how we have been holding up... with something new every day, and a few, okay a lot of messes, cause hey tables and dishes are washable, we've been able to not kill each other. I included some pics below of Gorri family activities during this period of social-distancing. We have a

You've got MAIL!

Hello everyone! Check your inbox (and sadly yes, your spam folders too), my newsletter went out today! Not sure if you are subscribed? Click here Want to preview it? Click here Each week I update my readers on my WIPs and offer exclusive sneak peeks, sales, giveaways, and more! Not to mention special deals and new releases from authors I think you will enjoy. This month you can get The Complete Grazi Kelly Novel Series on sale for half-off and the sale is WIDE! You can check out P. Mattern's latest #1 preorder inside along with other amazing books inside. Happy Thursday <3 P.S. I hope you enjoy this awful punny meme ;-)

DIY activity to make self-quarantine fun!

Hey everyone, Happy Mother's Day to all you in the UK. <3 So, like many of you the family and I are currently in self-quarantine, practicing our social-distancing as most everyone else in my little part of NJ seem to be doing. Online school is an adventure in and of itself, but what do you do the rest of the day? Family walks have been kind of cool actually, with the minimum 6 feet of space between us and any neighbors we might encounter on our way. For the most part it has been quiet, but we've seen the odd dog walker and bicyclist along the way. A friendly wave and nod of the head to acknowledge one another and a smile for the kiddies if we see any others. It is odd and surreal, the way ev

More Freebies & Sales

Thank you to all the authors who participate and readers feel free to share! (*Time sensitive - Check the price before you click). *Charley's Baby Surprise by C.D. Gorri is Now #free on Amazon US thru Sunday March 22nd *Secrets by T.M. Payne is now #free *The Lion Witch by Amanda Kimberley is free via Smashwords. Just use coupon code PK77Z. *Stone Cold Protector by Julia Mills is #free *Check back for more I may add to this list!

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Hey everyone! My newsletter went out today! Didn't get it? You can see it here: Have a great one!

I promised you some fun facts so here I go...

Hey everyone, The internet is just so darn cool cause even though we need to isolate ourselves, we're not alone as long as we have wifi and books. ;-) You've seen my list of freebies, but if anyone just wants to chat go ahead and drop me a PM or an email and i will answer as soon as I can. <3 So, like I promised, here are some fun facts about my Grazi Kelly Universe that I thought you might like: #1 Before the conclusion of the series in Blood Moon, Werewolves can only change during the full moon except for Grazi who is unlike any other wolf in the Pack #2 Hounds of God work for the Catholic Church fighting evil to protect the world, not perfect, Grazi soon discovers this organization needs

Sales & Free Reads

UPDATED: Hey everyone, Since a lot of us are staying home the next few weeks, I've come up with the following sales and freebies: Purrfectly Mated is free March 17th & 18th : Snow Angel is free thru March 19th: Bearly Breathing is $0.99 March 16-23: The Dragon's Christmas Gift is $0.99 March 16-23: Hearts & Bite Marks is $0.99 March 17-24: *A Sale from Julia Mills $0.99 box set 2 Freebies from Milly Taiden

Free thru March 19th

looks like we’re all gonna have some more reading time so... #staysafe #wewillgetthroughthistogether


Hey all, More print books are here! Click the form to order ;-)

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Hey everyone! it's come to my attention not everyone who signed up is seeing my newsletter. What can I do to help? Well, first you can add me to your contacts so I don't get thrown in the spam folder ;-) ( Next, make sure you are subscribed! Visit my website and fill out the form. Now, click below if you want to see the cool stuff I sent out this morning including a sneak peek look at the blurb for Purrfectly Trapped! ;-) THANKS!

Bookish News

Hello everyone, I just read the most disturbing article about deliverability! Did you know you might be missing important newsletters full of books, sales, giveaways, and freebies if you don't add me to your contact list? I know, right?! Please add to your contacts so you never miss out again ;-) Whew! Now that that crisis has been averted, it is time for some bookish news! Check out these beary awesome titles for your reading enjoyment:

2 more days

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March Madness Sale

Hey everyone! I was going to do this for one day, but now it’s become a 3 day sale! The Bear Claw Tales complete series boxed set is $0.99 on Amazon US! happy reading! del mare alla Stella, C.D. Gorri

Welcome March!

Good morning! I've got a surprise sale coming up this week so make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter: In the meanwhile, I've got an order of stickers on the way for my upcoming signings. What do you think?

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