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My thoughts on editing/proofreading...

So, an author I know and had the pleasure of working with over the years (love this gal) brought up a very interesting question about editing/proofreading and the indie world, wanting to know if authors seriously publish without hiring an editor and the conversation that developed was very interesting. My reply was this: Very good questions and the answer is you really can’t tell who is and isn’t a qualified editor. Is it the person charging more money for their service? Do you need a proofread or a serious edit? Traditionally published books have teams of editors, proofreaders, and beta readers and yet I find errors in them all the time. A good book to me isn’t one free of errors, it’s one

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Hey everyone! I have a few announcements! 1) Marked By The Devil is now available in PRINT and I will be taking it to my signings in August and September! You can order it here! 2) Casting Magic and Keeping Magic are now available WIDE, click the book title to find at your favorite ebook store! 3) For the FIRST TIME EVER, Charley's Christmas Wolf is on #KindleUnlimited! AND 4) You can get Blood Moon #FREE on Amazon US June 20-24!

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