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Hello everyone! If you’ve been to the blog hop site, you know there is a question and answer to find on every author’s page. If you haven't the rules are on the site , the link is below ;-) Here is my question: What supernatural creature does teen heroine Grazi Kelly discover she is in my Grazi Kelly Novel Series? When you know the answer, post it in the comments or on my FB page Your correct answer will earn you one (1) entry for the grand prizes. Don't forget to check out the other bloggers to earn more entries. Good luck everyone!! xoxo, C.D. Gorri

Getting ready for Valentine's Day?

Hey folks, Whether or not you love the holiday, let's face it, if you have a special someone you like looking good for that person, am I right? But whether you'd got this far, or this far for your loved one.... There is no better way to tell someone you love them than to simply say it. Those three little words, I love you, can mean so much, and yet, they can be so difficult to say. But don't worry, you can say them in a thousand different ways. Like when you hold the door for your significant other, cook them a meal, hang up their coat, or when you just sit and listen when they need to talk. Love is passion, love is emotion, but it is also kindness, respect, and patience. Still, tomorrow is

Valentine's Day Special! FREE BOOK

Looking for romantic reads this February? The Dragon's Valentine by C.D. Gorri is F*R*E*E! February 10th-14th! “She's given up on love, but he’s just begun…” After five hundred years of servitude, Dragon Shifter, Callius Falk and his three brothers are finally freed from their bonds. Callius has one mission, to find his true mate. Winifred Castillo spends her nights tending bar at The Thirsty Dog, a local favorite in Maccon City, New Jersey. After her boyfriend skips town with her rent money, she’s sworn off men. For good! But what’s a Werewolf to do when a dark-haired stranger with golden eyes and rippling muscles claims her as his mate? *3rd P*l*a*c*e W*i*n*n*e*r The Best of the Best 2017


Guess what, Kindle readers?! I am moving a few of my books back to Kindle Unlimited! To celebrate I am running a free promotion of The Dragon's Valentine from February 10th through the 14th! Get it #FREE!

VOTE for me! Please and Thanks!

Charley's Christmas Wolf has been nominated for best holiday pnr story! Please Vote for me here (make sure you click submit):

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You are invited! Join us Feb 8-11! You'll get to meet our anthology authors, play games, win prizes, and more!

New review for Hunter Moon!

"Omg i loved this book, it kept me gripped from the first page and i struggled to put this book down. Grazi is such a great character and likeable.... I liked the ups and downs of this book and was literally left guessing to what was gonna happen next. Its well written with believable characters and a great storyline looking forward to reading more from this author"

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